Our Fleet

Our Aircraft

To ensure that you get all the guidance needed to become the captain pilot you aspire to be, OxfordSaudia have acquired a fleet of 60 Diamond airplanes, which are famous for being the safest training airplane models. All our airplanes have been made-to-order for the academy.

Our fleet features two models of Diamond airplanes: DA40 (single-engine) and DA42 (double-engine). The planes are equipped with Garmen G1000 NXi, the most advanced flight navigation system to date, a flight management system to train the student on activating and operating the autopilot system. The system enjoys other features like TAS and enhanced terrain awareness which help the pilot to navigate better and avoid other aircraft through utilizing visual and aural warnings.

Our Aircraft

Oxford’s Diamond airplanes also includes glass cockpits which comprise electronic displays and LCD screens which are facilitate the pilot’s usage of them more than the traditional gauges.

On top of all of that, our airplanes differ from the standard Diamond airplanes in that they are equipped with the latest Flight Data Recording system that record the entire flight, audio and video, to play back after the flight and provide flight data report to both our instructors and students to help our students learn from their mistakes better and faster.

Last but not least, our aircraft cockpits incorporate JeppView to view Jeppsen Charts for the pilot and they are equipped with iPads as redundancy for JeppView.

The Simulator

After a thorough study of the market, OxfordSaudia found that airlines do not always hire fresh grads even though they need more pilots. That is because there is no transition in aviation programs between flying small training aircraft and flying large transport aircraft. In our training program, we utilize Frasca’s Full Flight Simulators which are famous for providing the highest possible level of accuracy in addition to their unique value.

The $13m simulator enables us to provide our students with professional Type Rating program for Airbus A320 airplanes which gives them an advantage over the graduates of other aviation academies that do not provide the Type Rating program.

The simulator utilizes the same technology of our aircraft as it incorporates Garmin G1000 NXi panels, TAS, and JeppView to offer you all the preparation you might need to fly our DA40 and DA42 airplanes. The training devices also incorporate 220 degree TruVision wraparound display system to offer the pilots the realism needed.

OxfordSaudia is the only academy in the world that offers Type Rating as part of its CPL program.

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