Bio Of Captains And Key Management

bio of captains and key management

Othman Al Moutairi President

With a career that spans over 25 years of successful work, Othman Al Moutairi has an unmatched profile in the aviation industry. His rich curriculum vitae features multiple prominent positions and ranks in both branches of aviation (military and civil) with more focus on the aviation safety field.
Al Moutairi’s military experience includes being a Colonel Pilot in of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Air Forces, a Loss Prevention Team Leader in the Saudi Royal Air Force, and a Tornado Fighter Pilot; in the civil aviation field, on the other hand, Othman Al Moutairi is a Flight Safety Instructor, an Airbus Licensed Accident Investigator, and a Safety Squadron Leader.
Plus his current position as the President of the Saudi National Centre of Aviation (SNCA) and the President of OxfordSaudia, Al Moutairi is also the Founder and CEO of SNAF Group for Finance (a Saudi-based private banking firm) and the Chairman and Investor of the Ireland-based Unmanned Aired Vehicles company UAV Evolution.

Anthony Miller Director of Global Business Development

Backed with more than 20 years of corporate experience across different industries and major international brand names that include but are not limited to Rover Group, BMW, and GlaxoSmithKline, Anthony Miller succeeded in developing his own unique approach and method to develop and grow strong long-term business relationships that he is now coaching other younger professionals about; his skills in the field were honed by several project proposals he designed, reviewed, or approved.
His dynamic nature has helped him adapt to the ever-changing corporate environment and acknowledge the importance of working continuously on building business relationships with his peers, partners, and clients and grow his professional network to deliver timely high-quality solutions.
Anthony Miller works now as the Director of Global Business Development at the Saudi National Centre of Aviation and Director of Business Development at OxfordSaudia; he is the Co-founder and Director of UAV Evolution, an Ireland-based firm that is specialized in manufacturing, operating, and selling UAV (Unmanned Aired Vehicles).

Dr. Mohamed Alouni Board Member

With an impressive career of more than 20 years and a Ph.D. in Economy, Doctor Mohamed Alouni brings an impressive level of expertise in different fields.
Currently working as the assistant of the Secretary-General, Dr. Mohamed has been working with Riyadh Chamber of Commerce since 1999, he is also on the board of directors in The Saudi National Center of Aviation. However, his impressive career includes several other positions and achievements. He has headed many projects and conducted many research projects while working with the Chamber of Commerce, as well as many training programs.
Started his career working in human resources with Al Rajhi bank, Dr. Mohamed managed to build an impressive resume using his amazing management, communication, and planning skills.

Abdelrahman Al Jafar Board Member and Financial Consultant

As a professional whose work experience as a corporate banker has exceeded the two decades’ mark, Abdelrahman Al Jafar has managed a successful career as one of the renowned banking experts and financial consultants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region overall.
Al Jafar’s expertise span both conventional and Islamic major banks in the region. Launching his career back in 1998 as a Professional Development Program trainee at Saudi Fransi Bank, he managed to climb his way up the ranks with his outstanding performance and development till he became a Senior Executive at Al-Rajhi, Al-Inma, and Al-Fransi banks.
In addition to that, Al Jafar has assumed senior positions in multiple financial organizations and banks; through these positions, he dealt professionally with a variety of local, regional, and international firms and companies across all the different industries and sectors.
Abdelrahman Al Jafar in the present time works as the Regional Business Banking Head - Eastern Region at BSF Bank; his job duties comprise managing the investment portfolio for a number of corporate entities operating in different industries.
In addition to that, he also acts as an independent board member and advisor for multiple companies that range from startups to multinational corporations.including an under-construction healthcare project with an estimated value that exceeds the SAR700m mark and an aviation venue with the value of SAR500 million.

Captain Spiro Stamatopoulos Chief Flying Instructor

With more than 25 years of experience in the aviation industry, Captain Spiro Stamatopoulos has always been very passionate about Aviation Training. Captain Stamatopoulos helps his students achieve their potential and fulfill their ambitions of becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot. Most of his professional experience which spans more than a quarter of a century in the aviation industry mainly involved working in Flight Training or Airline Check and Training.
He has held a number of key roles in aviation companies over his career including Chief Pilot, Chief Flying Instructor, Fleet Manager and recently as Senior Check and Training Captain for a major freight company in Australia before joining OxfordSaudia in April 2019.

Captain Larry Wade Chief Executive Officer

As a descendant of a family who has been working in Aviation for four generations ever since the earliest ages of the industry, Captain Larry Wade got his first job when he was still in school by joining the crop-dusting business owned by his family, which helped him develop a passion for flight that grew over time.
Wade launched his career as a pilot in the 1990s in Delta Connection Academy where he climbed the ranks to become the academy’s Director of Training; after leaving Delta Academy, he joined several airline companies and aviation colleges to train their pilots according to the industry’s highest standards; this included the Qatar Aeronautical College in Doha, China Southern Airlines, and Western Australian Flying College, and finally CAE in the United States as the Manager of Skills Assessment of Development.
After accumulating an expertise of 30 years in the aviation industry and two decades in flight training alone, Captain Larry Wade works currently at OxfordSaudia as its Chief Executive Officer.

Nigel J. Crompton Safety Manager

From an early age, Nigel J. Compton has expressed and showed a deep passion for aviation; when he was 16, he flew on his own in a glider which urged him to further pursue a job and a career in the industry.
A Witwatersrand Technicon graduate, Nigel J. Compton’s career spanned senior positions in multiple companies and organizations like Sodexo and South African Airways where he worked as the Senior Manager of In-Flight logistics and also earned his Private Pilot License; these positions gave him the opportunity to enhance and honed his management skills.
Compton’s next stop was Kazakhstan where he assumed the position of Camp Boss at Karachaganak Petroleum at Aksai; during his time there, he was responsible for the welfare and healthcare of more than 1,200 workers and employees.
He then returned to South Africa to work for Region Air as its Safety Manager and earn a certificate in Safety Management Systems at Cranfield Aviation.
In 2014, Nigel also earned a Commercial Pilot License and started working as an aviation instructor in 2015.
Overall, Nigel J. Compton’s experience in aviation comprises 1,200 hours of flying experience and 460 hours of flight instruction. That’s why he was the perfect candidate for the Safety Manager position in OxfordSaudia.

Tim Freeman Chief of Maintenance

Before joining OxfordSaudia in March 2019 as the Chief of Maintenance, Tim Freeman’s career and expertise in the aviation industry has extended for more than two decades.
Tim Freeman started off his professional life in the US Air Force where he was the Crew Chief on Boeing KC - 135 Tanker. He then joined Return to Flight, one of NASA’s programs, where he worked as a Mid Body Technician on a Launch Pad where his job duties and responsibilities included daily inspection and preventative maintenance on the Orbiter mid-body section.
After leaving NASA, Freeman returned to work in military aviation as he delivered training programs to the maintenance crews of the Iraqi and Afghan Air Forces on several models of military aircraft including Pilatus PC12, Cessna 208, and Cessna help them understand the maintenance requirements and develop the needed skills for them.

Richard Quiles Quality Manager

Even though his major expertise is in aviation safety, Richard Quiles has been working for more than 20 years in the industry in variant jobs and titles that helped him expand his knowledge and scope; his curriculum vitae comprises managerial experience in many Federal Aviation Administration Repair Stations where he was the Director of Maintenance, Quality Manager, and Quality Supervisor. Quiles also has military experience as he was a member of the American Air Forces where he flew different fighter types of aircraft (fighter, cargo, and reconnaissance).

In addition to his operational and managerial expertise, Richard Quiles is an accoladed professional with multiple elite scientific degrees; he has earned a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Safety, an Associate Degree in Aviation Technology and Aviation Maintenance Management; a bachelor’s degree in Professional Aeronautics in Management. He passes his knowledge to the younger professionals in the field through teaching the FAA Airframe and Powerplant course at the local aviation technical school..

Abner Flores Aviation Training Expert

Abner Flores is an Aviation Training Expert with an extensive aviation career that expands over 30 years of experience in a variety of areas within the aviation industry.

His first steps in aviation began in 1985 when he was selected to join the Air Force as a flight cadet, where he was trained as a fixed wing pilot, helicopter pilot and as navigator. He flew his first solo flight on a T-41 Mescalero airplane, July 4th, 1986.
He is a graduate of the US Army Aviation Training Center at Fort Rucker, AL. USA, where he graduated as a helicopter pilot in 1988. Abner was also an experienced aircraft technician and quality control inspector for many years; and a graduate of the US Army’s aircraft technician and quality control inspector at Fort Eustis, VA. The USA.

After several years of successful work as community leader in Tennessee, business manager and business executive in the corporate world from 2001 until about 2011; Abner has been working within the aviation training industry as an Aviation Trainer in several capacities such as that of Aviation Education Consultant, EASA ATPL Deputy Head of Training, Train-the-trainer SME, FAA Ground Instructor and Aviation Expert in Spain, France, Scotland, and the USA. Before coming to OxfordSaudia, he was the EASA Program Coordinator for Lufthansa and Air Swiss cadet training in the USA under EASA regulations, and FAA Part 141 Academic Trainer/IRA SME, and Glass Cockpit Instructor Training Facilitator.

Abner’s educational background includes a BS in Aviation Management from Honduras, BS in Business Administration and Management from the University of Phoenix, and MBA with a concentration in Aviation, as well as graduate studies in Aeronautical Sciences and Project Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2019. He’s been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 2003.

A passion for remaining highly relevant in the most advanced technologies and instructional methodologies, and a simple clear objective to lead, promote and deliver the highest quality of professional aviation training anywhere in the world to future generations, very likely define Abner. This same spirit and determination are what awaits all of those who come through our doors at OxfordSaudia, the world’s premier pilot training organization, where we all are part of a global family of professional pilots and world-class citizens.

In the words of Mark Twain: “There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded”. Remaining within the first group is most definitely a challenge we all must work hard to achieve.

Tammy Quiles Human Resources Manager

Tammy Quiles joined OxfordSaudia’s team with over 15 years of professional experience advocating the employees’ voice. Tammy has worked with companies through startup ventures, rebranding, and acquisition sales pushing the organization soaring past their own expectations while keeping the employees in mind.
Tammy began her career as a Law Enforcement Officer in North Carolina where she quickly learned to proactively listen and gauge people. As a Police Officer, Tammy attended college seeking additional education in conflict management and psychology.
Once Tammy left the force, she landed her introductory position in Human Resources where she gained fundamental knowledge in benefits, hiring aspects, and transitioning employees to new roles within the company. After her extensive and rapid growth within the organization, Tammy was promoted to Account Manager which initiated her official Human Resources role as a generalist.
Realizing her passion was with the employees and their success within the organization, Tammy started to focus her career on building a skilled and knowledgeable workforce within the teams she empowered. As Tammy’s workforce grew, she was given additional Human Resource duties that expanded her responsibilities to mediate conflict, engage in training and employee development.
Tammy's success in Human Resources has been due to her “right person, right job” concept. With her concept, attention to detail, proactive listening, and passion, she is able to maintain a work environment that is conducive to both the employee and employer.

Jiaren Lau Operations Manager

Jiaren Lau has kickstarted his career in the aviation industry back in 2011 where he started working for a flight training organization; after that, Lau has assumed variant operation-related positions like Operations Officer, Planning and Dispatch Coordinator and Planning and Scheduling Manager through which he climbed up the ranks till he became the current Operations Manager of OxfordSaudia.
As for the academic side, Lau has a bachelor’s degree in Business with his major being IT Management in addition to a master’s degree in Business Administration in International Administration.

Paul Mc Kelvie Program Manager

With a bibliography that comprises 24 textbooks including best sellers that have been published by many renowned publishers and institutions around the world including Oxford University Press, Saxon Court, and the UAE Armed Forces, Paul McKelvie is one year short from completing 4 decades of experience in the English language teaching field. His work took him to many countries around the globe including the UK, Qatar, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Kenya.
McKelvie’s working experience included working in some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and biggest companies including University of York, the Royal Commission, Aramco, Qatargas, and many more.
He also has multiple proud achievements like designing and launching the Hunter Project where he was responsible for teaching 600 Saudi sailors to be crew members of naval ships built in the UK, and setting up and managing a training center for Saudi Kayan, and the first accreditation by the Commission for English Language Program Accreditation in Saudi Arabia.
As the current program manager of OxfordSaudia, Paul McKelvie made it his mission to deliver the best English language development program in the GCC region to the young Saudi men and women which compliments the aviation academic training that OxfordSaudia provides.


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