Commercial Pilot license (CPL - IR)


.After passing the foundation year requirements, the student starts his ground school in the academy During the Practical Phase, our students will obtain the knowledge, skill and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for a commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane, Multi-Engine Land and Instrument Airplane Ratings. In order to pass this phase successfully, the student must demonstrate through written tests, practical tests, and through appropriate records that he/ she meets the knowledge, skill and experience requirements necessary to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane Multi-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane Ratings. This course costs $ 45,000.93 (159,615,988 SAR)


The ground training meets the curriculum requirements for the aeronautical knowledge training for the Private Pilot Certification Course, the aeronautical knowledge training for the instrument rating course, and the aeronautical knowledge for the commercial pilot certification course.

Aeronautical Knowledge for The Private Pilot Course
Lecture Hours : 57 hrs

Aeronautical Knowledge for Instrument rating Course
Lecture Hours: 57 hrs

Aeronautical Knowledge for Commercial Pilot Course
Lecture Hours: 51 hrs

Flight Training

Private Pilot License (PPL) – Total 61 hrs.
Instrument Rating (IR) – Total 51 hrs.
Commercial Pilot License – Total 121 hrs.

Total hours: 233 hrs.

The student then flies 17 more hours to reach 250 if needed.

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