Is there special accommodation for students? Is the cost of housing included in register fees?

There is no available accommodation. In case the academy provided accommodation, the cost of the common room with transportation for one year would SAR15,000 and the cost of a single room with transportation for one year is SAR25,000.

Is studying paid? Are there scholarships?

There are no scholarships, studying at OxfordSaudia is paid.
There are several ways to pay fees that help the student afford the academic fees. The installment program for the academic year is available in five-year monthly installments without interests with Al-Enmaa Bank. Or through Academy 18 payable within 3 years, each payment is SAR19444. The total cost is SAR350,000.
The price includes the foundation year, CPL training and Type Rating for Airbus A320.

Are there any rewards?

In case the student is one of the outstanding students in the foundation year, they will be paid SAR3,000 per month in the Flight Training Course.

Full definition of the program?

The duration of the study at the OxfordSaudia ranges between two and a half and three years. The student receives a commercial pilot license and a license to use the counters approved by the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority, which allows him to work in various airlines. The foundation year prepares the students for the job through English and flight terminology courses as well as an introduction to physics and mathematics.

Is English necessary for acceptance?

It’s not necessary for students to master the English language at the acceptance and registration phase, as there is a foundation year that prepares the student for English and aviation terminology in English.
However, it is necessary for students to reach level ICOA5 before moving on to CPL training.

What are the acceptance and registration requirements?

Applicants must be at least 17 years old and holding a high school certificate.
The opportunity is available to male and female citizens and residents. Registration is available in the following link:

What is the age specified for registration Minimum / Maximum age?

Applicants must be at least 17 years of age and not more than 35 years of age.

Are the materials equivalent in the foundation year to those who passed courses in English, physics and mathematics at another university?

The student will be subject to a leveling test and then provided courses according to their level.

What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the OxfordSaudia is between two and a half to three years. In case the student was fluent in English and obtained the degree of success in the examination level, the duration of the study can be reduced to two and a half years.

How many hours are required for actual flight training for graduation?

About 250 hours of training on one-engine and two-engine Diamond planes.

Are the licenses approved inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The student receives a commercial pilot license approved by the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority. If the student wants to be accredited from outside the Kingdom, he / she will be subject to the aviation license equivalency test according to the area concerned.

Do the conditions of the Academy comply with the terms of the airline for employment?

Yes, where the flight licenses are approved by the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority and the number of training hours is not less than 230 training hours.
The academy offers even more than basic terms and conditions as it offers Type Rating for Airbus A320.

Does the program end with employment with Airlines?

As for job opportunities, there is a significant expected growth in aviation industry, according to Boeing and Airbus reports, the Middle East needs around 60000 pilots in the next 15 years, according to a study by the OxfordSaudia, Saudi Arabia needs 300 pilots a year, we must refer to the General Authority of Civil Aviation decree of saudizing 100% of the co-pilot profession in local airlines over the next three years.
For top students, they have the opportunity to work at the OxfordSaudia as instructors after their graduation. In addition, 90% of the academy graduates around the world are employed directly in airline companies as a result how highly the airlines trust the academy.

Is it possible to accept a student if he is not a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (for those who are outside the Kingdom?).

We currently accept students from all nationalities as long as they have a residency in Saudi Arabia.
However, we are working on issuing a study visa for non-residents with the authorities in the Ministry of Foreign affairs and we will keep you updated.

Medical examination: Does it require a certain length or lack of health problems…etc?

The student will be subject to a medical examination by an accredited doctor from the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority who would be the only one authorized to set the necessary standards.
More than 90% of all applicants pass the medical exam as it just determines the general health of the applicant and their physical ability to become a pilot.

When will registration open? When does the programme start?

You can register through the following link:

What kind of licenses does the student get at the end of the programme?

By the end of the program, the student will get a commercial pilot license CPL, a private pilot license PPL, an instrument rating license IR, and Type Rating for Airbus A320 from the Saudi Aviation Authority.

When do the classes take place? Is there a night shift?

Oxford maintains a regular study programme with a morning shift that starts at 8am and ends at 5pm as well as a night shift.

After registering and being initially accepted, what questions should the student expect to be asked in the interview?

The interview’s goal is to get to know more about the applicant and why he chose to have a career in the aviation industry. The applicants should arrive for the interview 15 minutes before the appointment to fill some required data, and while there is no specific dress code, applicants should be dressed in a decent manner.

Can female students join the academy?

Yes, males and females are welcome to apply.

What are the payment methods? What are the installments? What about paying in monthly installments through Inmaa Bank?

The student might choose to pay to the Academy through 18 installments over three years. Each installment is SAR19,444. Or they can choose to pay the whole fees at once (SAR350,000).
There is also a five-year installment program with Inmaa Bank. You can visit the nearest Inmaa Bank branch to your location to get more details about payment through monthly installments.

At the end of the programme, does the student get a graduation certificate?

The student gets a commercial pilot license (CPL) and an instrument rating license (IR), and Type Rating certificate for Airbus A320 certified by the Saudi Aviation Authority.

What is the nationality of the instructors of the foundation year?

All instructors are native English speakers (Americans/British).

Will the registration fees be counted as a part of the academic fees in case the applicant got accepted in the interview? Are the registration fees refundable in case the applicant did not get accepted?

Registration fees are SAR2950 including the interview fees and they are refundable only in case the applicant did not get accepted.
This payment is related to the administration phase only and totally separate from tuition fees and any decision regarding accepting or rejecting the applicant.

Is there a minimum ability test score or summative assessment score required to apply?

No minimum ability test score or summative assessment score is required to apply.

Where are the foundation year headquarters and flight training facilities located?

Students will study the foundation year in Dammam while the flight training will be in King Fahad International Airport.

Is it a must for students who are fluent in English to attend the foundation year?

Students will go through an assessment test to decide where they should start with the English courses as well as aviation idioms and an introduction to mathematics and physics.

Does the academy have other branches outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The academy has many branches in countries around the world including England, Australia and the United States of America. Dammam’s branch comes as the eighth of the academy branches.

What are the models of the training aircraft?

European one-engine and two-engine diamond airplanes. They are considered the best training airplanes, as well as the safest.

Why is the academy’s programme duration longer than the other similar training programmes in other academies?

The study duration ranges from two and a half to three years where the first year is a foundation year to improve the students get to improve their language skills, learn the aviation idioms as well as introduction to physics and mathematics. After that, the students will get flight training and Airbus 320 simulation training courses for the next 18 - 24 months.

What is the cost difference between OxfordSaudia and the other academies outside Saudi Arabia?

OxfordSaudia differs from all other aviation academies. Oxford is the top aviation academy in the world where students are trained by experienced instructors from the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Students are also trained to fly the most advanced aircraft models and use advanced simulation software. Moreover, OxfordSaudia is the only flight training school that offers a Type Rating program for Airbus A320 within its syllabus.

What is a Commercial Pilot License CPL?

It is a license that enables its holder to work in aviation and fly transport aircraft.

Is it necessary to obtain any other certificate other than secondary for registration?

No, it’s not necessary to obtain any other certificate other than secondary education. However, registration is open for all including secondary certificate holders, bachelor holders, and Ph.D. holders.

Why do I have to pay acceptance and registration fees?

Applications are studied by a specialized team. The submitted applications are subjected to certain procedures that require consuming time and effort on each submission alone. Moreover, the student is scheduled for a personal interview with a professional aviation committee.

When does the applicant receive the final acceptance?

The applicant receives the final acceptance directly after passing the personal interview. After receiving the final acceptance, the applicant is scheduled for medical examination with a doctor certified by the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

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